Korean Products Exhibition Center (KPEC)

KPEC was established by Inter Group (IG) in Baghdad, Iraq in 2019 in cooperation with the Korean Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA).

  • KPEC is mandated to promote and market the products and services of KPEC members among Iraqi traders, distributors, contractors as well as government organizations.
  • Samples of products and brochures will be exhibited in the exhibition hall of KPEC in Baghdad.
  • Account managers trained by KPEC Korean member companies will liaise between Iraqi private and public sector companies and the KPEC member in order to obtain orders.
  • KPEC will assist its Korean members to identify distributors for their products and services in Iraq and to sign distribution agreements.
  • KPEC will organize periodical trade meetings between the KPEC account managers and Iraq traders, contractors and state companies to introduce and promote KPEC members products and services.