Meeting of the Korean Ambassador and IG Chairman

H.E. jang, Kyung Wook, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea and Dr. Salwan F.Yousif have met at the Korean embassy in Baghdad, Iraq on Sunday July 21, 2019 to discuss the business of the newly established Korean Product Exhibition Center (KPEC), as well as the promotion and introduction of Korean manufacturing, services and EPC companies into the Iraqi market.

Training KPEC staff at the Korean embassy in Baghdad

KPEC staff was trained by the staff of the Korean Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq in July 17, 2019.

Mr. Chae, Kyoungho, Korean Commercial Attache and Dr. Salwan F. Yousif, Chairman & CEO of Inter Group attended this training.

KPEC New Members

Nine Korean manufacturers have signed their KPEC membership agreement on July 2019. These companies are as follows:

Agreement Between IG and KOTRA

KOTRA and Inter Group (IG) signed an agreement in June, 2019 to establish the Korea Product Exhibition Center (KPEC) in Baghdad, Iraq by IG in cooperation with KOTRA.

KPEC will exhibit the products of Korean manufacturers and promote them among Iraqi traders, In adition, KPEC will promote the services of Koren companies in the Iraqi market.